Just days ago, GN Solids Control has provided to an offshore drilling company a batch of shale shakers. Comparing with other shaker models, this lot of shake shakers are equipped by 5 panels of shaker screens.

Shale shakers are always a quite important step for a solids control system in oil and gas drilling, no matter for land rigs or for offshores. The shale shakers can choose out large particles efficiently and thoroughly by using suitable mesh sized shaker screens. There is no need to use a feeding pump for the shale shakers on an oil and gas drilling rig. The drilling fluids from the well will flow directly to the mud distributor which is linked to the shale shakers and will distribute the mud evenly. The vibration motors on the shaker will give a linear motioning force to push the mud go from the screen nearest the distributor to the discharging end of shaker. So, the more screens there are, the longer route it will be, and the dryer the discharged slurry will be. In this way, sure more drilling mud will be recovered.

Here are the features of GNZS595 Shale shaker:

1. GNZS595 shake shakers are using 5 panels of shaker screens, and a total screen area of 3.4 square meters.

2. International brand vibrating motors to serve for an adjustable vibrating G force from 7.0 to 7.5G.

3. Composite frame shaker screens with accurate API number and cutting point, large conductance, and long service life.

A good shale shaker with large screen area could help to reduce the moisture of drilling cuttings, which greatly reduces the burden of cuttings treatment after the solids control procedure. Besides the high performance shale shakers, GN has another facility to help with shakers’ performance, which is called a ViST vacuum shaker device.

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