Last month, GN Solids Control, the No. 1 brand of solids control equipment are delivered to India for a big HDD project. HDD is short for the Horizontal Directional Drilling, which is one of the trenchless solutions, it is widely used to lay the pipelines or cable lines across the river or underneath the cities. For the past 10 years, GN Solids Control has designed and fabricated such systems to more than 60 countries of the world for the leading contractors, and GN Solids Control’s systems are proved to be practical, easy for operation and with high quality.

Comparing with the standard model of GNMS-1000/1000G mud recycling system for HDD projects, this system is a customized model with some different equipment combinations, such as:

1. Two sets of double deck shale shaker with model as GNZS706F. This double deck shaker has totally 6 pieces of shaker screens, 3 of which are located on the upper deck, as scalping deck, smaller in size and with smaller API number of screens. Total screen area is 1.35 square meter of the upper deck. 3 of bigger screens are installed onto the lower deck of the shaker, with total dimension as 2.63 square meters. Both screen models are made by GN Solids Control’s own screen factory, who has the most advanced automatic screen producing line.

2. GNZJ-703F-2S desander, with 2 sets of 10 inch desander cones for separating out the particles larger than 40 microns. It is fed by a GNSB Series centrifugal pump. This desander is equipped with a underflow shaker, with same shaker deck as GNZS-703 Shaker and using same dimensioned screens.

3. GNZJ-703F-12N desilters, including 12 nos of 4 inch desilters and an underflow shaker same as GNZS703F. Desilters are fed by a same centrifugal pump as for the desanders.

4. The mixing unit is used in this system, with GNSLS hopper and a centrifugal pump for mixing. Also necessary mud agitators are used for mixing and stirring the drilling mud.

Each year, GN makes and delivers tens of such systems, some are same as GN standard designs, while some are customized. For oil and gas drilling and for other drilling works like pipe jacking and water well drillings, too, GN has leading advantages of both design and fabrications.