GN Solids Control is a leading brand more than oil and gas drilling solids control and waste management, in fact, GN Solids Control has become a quite well-known brand for professional separations, and this separation includes not only the separation of solids from liquid, but also the 3 phase separation, like the oil, water and solids separation, for example the oily sludge separation and the crude oil recovery.

Normally, there are following ways to separation the oil, water and solids:

1. Biological separation, it is kind of high tech method. By means of some biological agent, the water will evaporate, oil and oil contaminated agent will be absorbed by the agent, while the clean and dry soil will be left. The advantages of this method is the low cost and small power consumption, while the disadvantages are time consumption (sometimes it need weeks and even months to clear up a big lot of oily sludge) and no recycled material such like the expensive oil, which means the good things disappear along with the waste.

2. Physical separation, there are 2 ways of physical separation, one is TDU, which is short for Thermal desorption Unit. By heating the oily sludge, the high temperature would evaporate the water at 100 degrees centigrade, while the higher temperature like 500 degrees or 600 degrees centigrade will evaporate the oil, leaving the dried solids. It is a clean way at a quick pace, but it consumes quite a big power for burning.

3. Another way is a combination of chemical and physical. By adding some chemicals into the material, the demulsifier will help the oil leave the solids and some efficient equipment will physically separate the 3 agent, a 3 phase disc stac will do it quite successfully. And by adding a big bow centrifuge before the disc stac, it would reduce the time and enhance the capacity.
GN Solids Control has provided lots of similar systems to refinery, oil company and other waste treatment plants. Recently, this new system is ready for delivery for a domestic oil company in China.