Decanter centrifuges are quite popular in oil and gas industry for the solids control systems and also for the waste management systems. Depending on different driving types, there are electrical driven ones and hydraulic driven ones. Although most of jobsites are using the electric ones because of the easy operation and lower purchasing cost, there are still some jobsites where the hydraulic ones are more preferred by the jobsite engineers. One reason is their operating habits, the other is the extreme ambient conditions.
GN Solids Control, as one of the leading manufacturer for decanter centrifuges, also has the hydraulic decanter centrifuges available, and just recently, GN Solids Control has delivered 4 sets of hydraulic centrifuge to a client in Middle East. It is the second order of same centrifuge model of this client.

Features of GN hydraulic centrifuge:

Just as all other centrifuge models, GN FHD series decanter centrifuges have following features in common with electrical ones:

1. The centrifuge bowls are made of duplex stainless steel SS2304 to bear higher rotating speed with heavy mud.
2. Solids discharge ports on the bowl are equipped with special ceramic or tungsten carbide inserts to avoid abrasion.
3. Pond depths could be adjusted flexibly by some changing on liquid discharge ports.
4. Impeller is protected by tungsten carbide tiles with even thickness of 4mm.
5. Speeding bars as a special design which is used to enhance the flow and treating capacity.

And for the hydraulic centrifuge, it has its own features:

1. Larger flexible bowl and different speeds range for heavy mud and ambient with high temperature.
2. Rotodiff hydraulic control for stable operation.
3. Single skid design, for easier rig up of the complete centrifuge unit including control system.
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