The shale shaker cannot work without shaker screens. Shaker screen is the most important wear parts on the shale shaker; In the meanwhile, it is also the part t most regularly to be replaced. Used for treating the different kinds of drilling fluids, or for different drilling depth, the frequency to replace the shaker screen is different.

Shaker screen was all along one of GN main products. It is a large business. After years of research and developing, GN shaker screen received more and more positive comments on the performance and out looking. Couples days before, one 40 feet container full of GN shaker screen was sent to USA. Some of the screens are for clients’ orders, others are for the inventory of GN Houston warehouse.


What kind of shaker screen GN provides

1. Hook strip type screen – this type screens are hooked and fixed on the shaker unit. The hooks coming from both deck walls hook the screen panels from either bottom or upper screen edge to tension the screen.
2. Frame type screen – this is a pretensioned screen by pressing the wire mesh onto the framework. This type screen is always fixed on the shaker unit by wedge blocks. GN mainly provides steel frame and composite material frame, and now the latter one is more attractive to clients.

Features of GN composite material frame shaker screen

1. Inner steel framework is fully welded by robot for better quality and consistence.
2. High quality fiber glass to improve the plastic quality and high temperature.
3. Wire mesh tensioned from 4 sides, at the same time with pressing, the heating is in process to minimize the gap between top screen and support screen.
4. Rust resistance for easy keeping and longer storage. 
5. Wide series composite shaker screens are available for both GN shakers and other famous brand shaker.

GN brought in new fabrication line for shaker screen which greatly reduced the cost on making the screen. This is really good news for clients. After all, high quality and competitive price is what we pursue all the time. For promtion purpose, accumulated screen orders can even take a special discount for client to purchase a shale shaker or decanter centrifuge.

GN now also has shale shaker and centrifuge unit stock in Houston warehouse, any request, feel free to let us know.