Among all the active drilling rigs all over the world, a large amount of them are offshore rigs. In a limited space on ocean, there must be a complete set of equipment, including the drilling rig, the power system, the solids control system and waste management system, and the accommodation for the crews.
Under pressure of the global climate changing, the oil companies and drilling contractors are also under pressure from the environment protection request raised by the government and international associations. Even on the far ocean, there must be zero discharge to the environment. And the cost spent on the waste management occupies are certain percentage.
Such cost includes the treatment cost spent on separation and also the transportation cost for the final discharges. By using a ViST shale shaker screen device, the discharged solids from the shakers could be greatly reduced, while the valuable liquid to be recovered could be increased by 30% to 50%. In a word, it helps to save money from both transportation and drilling mud consumption.

GN ViST Shakers

The working principle of the ViST shale shaker screen device is to drying the drilling cuttings from the shale shaker step. By adding an collecting pan under the last piece of shaker screen on each shaker, and giving a pneumatic force to the collecting pan, more fluids are sucked into the ViST device and later to be returned back to the drilling system. One set of ViST device could serve for 3 sets of shale shakers, which are the maximum shaker screen quantity for a large horsepower rig. Especially for offshore rigs, such compact design is quite useful.
Recently, GN Solids Control has finished 6 sets of shale shakers equipped with ViST device, which are to be delivered to offshore rigs, end user is one of the leading drilling contractors.