Developed from a leading solids control manufacturer, GN Solids Control has become more than a solids control manufacturer or a waste management solution supplier. After years of efforts, GN Solids Control now is an expertized company for also oily sludge separation industry.


Oily sludge separation has been brought into discussion more and more frequently in the oil and gas industry, it comes from the refinery waste, from the discharge of drilling waste treatment plant and also comes from the tank bottom cleaning. It is a mixture of oil, water and solids, and this mixture is always of high viscosity and density. If discharged directly, it will sure pollute the field where it is discharged. It would be easier to discharge if the 3 main components are separated. But how?

GN has a mature technology for treating such oily sludge with several steps, in which a decanter centrifuge plays an important role. The whole procedure includes:

1. Pre-heating unit for reduce the viscosity of the oily sludge and easier for the chemical reaction.

2. Chemical dosing unit helps the material to be easier separated.

3. Pre-screen unit, always a shale shaker and composite material frame screens, to remove the large particles.

4. Decanter centrifuge of a high speed to separate out the fine particles and the extra fine particles after second time flocculation.

5. Oil water separator for leveling the oil and water, which are later pumped to their storage tanks separately. Later the oil could be recovered while the water could be reused for dilution.

If you have more interest for oily sludge separation treatment, welcome to contact GN Solids Control.
About GN Solids Control:

1, GN Solids Control is the first API certified solids control manufacturer in China and one of the leading brands in the world.
2. GN’s equipment and other products are exported to more than 70 countries in the world.
3. GN has set up branches in Houston, USA and Moscow, Russia.