Decanter centrifuges are highly recommended for the works involving separating purpose, such as the oily sludge separation, the solids control management, the waste water treatment, the chemical engineering, food and beverage industry, and etc. GN Solids Control is one of centrifuge manufacturer, who designs and put into market various types of centrifuges for different industries including but not limited to above mentioned fields.

Just recently, GN Solids Control just finished the fabrication of a decanter centrifuge for a chemical engineering company. GN has both decanter centrifuges and tricanters available, respectively for 2 phase and 3 phase separation, and this project was for a 2 phase decanter.

Decanter centrifuge is a high speed rotating machine horizontally located. It has a bowl and an impeller, both rotating during separation. Normally, the bowl has a higher speed than the impeller. A high speed decanter centrifuge means a bowl rotating speed larger than 2500RPM. With this speed, the solids phase will be splashed to the inner wall of the bowl and then pushed out by the impeller, which has a smaller RPM than the bowl.

There are several measurement to describe a high quality centrifuge:
1. Bowl material. Normally, the bowl material should be made of stainless steel for high anticorrosion. GN Solids Control use Duplex Stainless steel, SS2304 as bowl material, which is better than SS316L or SS304.

2. Centrifuge’s solids discharge ports. Cause the solids particles are quite hard in most cases, which would wear the discharge ports easily. In this case, GN Solids Control designed tungsten carbide material as solids discharge ports for longer service life.

3. Impeller’s blade protection. The original design for the impeller protection was spraying welding, which is not even or thick. GN Solids Control uses tungsten carbide tiles with same thickness and strong structure to prolong the impellers’ service life.

4. Well balanced rotating parts. GN Solids Control has 2 balancing machines in the centrifuge workshop, one middle speed, the other high speed. For each rotating parts, before and after assembled, are well balanced before moved to next working procedure.

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