Early in year 2020, GN Solids Control just finished the manufacturing for 2 sets of decanter centrifuge units for oily sludge separation, the end user is in Brunei. Just recently, this system has arrived to the jobsite and will be put into use soon.
This system is combined by 3 sections, the shaker section, chemical dosing section and the decanter centrifuge section.

1. Chemical dosing unit: for most of oily sludge projects, the chemical dosing plays a quite important role. Cause the oily sludge is always with quite high viscosity, the chemicals are used to reduce it and make the solids easier to be separated from the liquid. Also, by adding chemicals, the oil will be easier to be separated from water.

2. Shale shaker: in oily sludge separation unit, shale shaker is also quite important to separate out the large sized particles. Comparing with normal solids control shakers, the shakers for oily sludge separation always have spraying nozzles for flushing the screens, and also the cover to avoid splashing.

3. Decanter Centrifuge: for separating out the fine and extra fine particles in the oily sludge. By high G force, centrifuge could separate out particles from 2 to 5 microns, and by adding flocculants, the particles below 2 microns could be separated out after flocculation.

4. After decanter centrifuge, the liquid, mixture of oil and water, could be further separated by a disc stac, and the solids could enter a TDU for final separation.

All above mentioned equipment are within GN Solids Control’s product range and most of which have stock or semi-stock. Welcome to contact GN for more information.

Besides, GN Vacuum pumps are quite suitable for oily sludge transferring. And GN has 3 models of vacuum pumps, movable, compact structure and large power for transferring.