Among all the separation equipment which are used in oil and gas drilling and drilling waste management industries are the shakers and decanter centrifuges.

For example, in the drilling rig solids control system, the shale shakers take responsibility for separating out the most cuttings from the drilling fluids. By choosing the suitable numbers of shaker and API numbers, the particles larger than 100 microns could be separated out from the fluids. While the smaller particles are separated by the desander cones ( 40 microns) and desilter cones ( 20 microns). Even smaller particles will be separated out by a decanter centrifuge. In practice, the most efficient equipment are shaker and decanter centrifuges, that’s why more and more operators are removing their desander and desilter cones from the system and adding more shakers and centrifuges.

GN Solids America is the first USA based solids control company from China, which is a branch company of GN Solids Control. It is not only an office. In GN Solids America, there are warehouse for stock and workshop for some assembly. In the warehouse, GN Solids America keeps a safe stock for the popular shaker models and decanter centrifuges for quick delivery, and also the popular shaker screen models, GN always ship to USA warehouse for quick delivery.
About GN Solids Control:

1. GN Solids Control is the 1st API Certified solids control manufacturer from China, and GN Solids Control is certified by ISO, HSE and DNV CE.

2. GN Solids Control has branches and partners in many countries in the world, and GN products are sold to more than 70 countries in the world.

3. GN designs and produces all equipment in solids control and drilling waste management systems, core equipment of highly advantages include the shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer, centrifugal pumps and vacuum pumps.

4. GN has a separate shaker screen factory equipped with fully automatic screen producing line with robot for cutting and welding. GN shaker screens have API RP 13C certificates.

5. GN is qualified for making Ex Standard control panels, too.
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