Decanter centrifuges are quite widely used equipment for separating out the solids from liquid in many different industries, such as the oil drilling solids control system, the barite recovery, drilling cuttings waste management and oily sludge separation plants. The waste water treatment requests the decanter centrifuge, too. Recently, GN Solids Control just delivered the high speed decanter centrifuge to Russian market for the waste water separation.

decanter centrifuge for waste water treatment

After development in recent years, GN has turned from a professional solids control manufacturer into a comprehensive manufacturer for the separation industry, and GNLW series decanter centrifuges as core product in separation procedure are expended to wider applications with various specifications.

In order to achieve different applications, the decanter centrifuge could be divided into following groups:

1. Per different capacities, the centrifuges are made per different sizes. For example, the 9 inch diameter bowl decanter centrifuge, the GNLW224 series are used for diamond drilling, animal waste treatment and some lab test projects. GNLW363 series of 14 inch diameter bowl are commonly used in solids control, drilling waste management. GNLW553 and GNLW554 decanter centrifuges, and even bigger sized GNLW764 decanter centrifuges are used for TBM, pipe jacking and also the mining industries.

2. For achieving the clearer separation result, the larger length diameter ratio models are needed. For example, although with the same bowl diameter size, GNLW554’s bowl length is longer than GNLW553 by 25%, which leaving the material long time in the bowl, thus the better separation result comes

3. Different cone part angle of a centrifuge bowl is quite vital for the dryness of a decanter centrifuge.

Now, since the improvement of GN capability for centrifuge manufacturing, more and more subtle and customized decanter centrifuges are under design and built in GN Solids Control and will be put into market soon.