Ever since the year 2007, as a newly established solids control manufacturer then, GN Solids Control has been providing the solids control and waste management equipment and systems to the drilling service companies and contractors with their drilling mud recycling and drilling cuttings treatment solutions. GN equipment has been widely used for both land rig projects and also offshore ones, with the stable performance and practical design.

Just recently, GN Solids Control has made for an offshore drilling service company such a mud system including following:

1. High G drying shale shaker GNZS594F. This drying shale shaker is designed for the WBM cuttings treatment. It should be located after the solids control shale shakers for receiving the solids phase discharged from the shale shakers and it is used for further drying the solids. Comparing with solids control shale shakers, it has larger power vibrating motors and therefore a larger G force. And this certain drying shaker is equipped with flashing nozzles and cover to avoid spraying.

2. Mud tank. This mud tank is used for receiving the clean mud after the shale shakers. Mud tanks are essential for a mud system. And the size and qty of mud tanks is determined by the rig’s horse power and requested storage volume. GN can also offer mud tank systems like a complete liquid mud plant with cylinder or cuboid tanks.

3. Centrifugal pump. The centrifugal pump here is used to transfer the clean mud to outside of the mud tank. In fact, the centrifugal pumps are most commonly used pumps in mud systems which can be transfer pump, trip pump, cyclone feeding pump and mixing pump.

4. Mud agitators. Most tanks need mud agitators to keep the drilling liquid from settling to the bottom. Normally there would be a mud gun beside the mud agitator to help with stirring the mud.

If you have similar project or need more information, please contact GN directly.