The year 2022 is really a good year for crude oil explorers and drilling companies as the increasing price of crude oil. GN Solids Control is also fully scheduled for the new orders for solids control equipment, waste management equipment and other auxiliary equipment. As the development of GN Solids Control, GN’s products have been used for both land rigs and offshore platforms.
Just recent days, GN Solids Control has delivered 3 sets of GNZJ594F-3S12N for an offshore drilling company.

1.What is a GNZJ594F-3S12N?

GNZJ594F-3S12N is the model of a mud cleaner. A mud cleaner is used after the shale shaker, which is an assembly combining the desander and desilter. And the desander cones and desilter cones share one underflow shaker. In function, the mud cleaner itself will replace the desander and desilter. Two feeding pumps are used for the mud cleaner, one for the desander cones, the other for desilter cones. The discharged solids from both desander cones and desilter cones fall onto the underflow shaker, and the liquid discharged from desander and desilter cones will flow to separate tanks or tank compartments.

2.What’s the meaning of a GNZJ594F-3S12N?

This model shows following information: GNZJ594 is the underflow shaker of the mud cleaner. It is based on a shaker model of GN Solids Control, which is a single layer shale shaker with 4 piece of shaker screens. The total screen area of this shaker is 2.73 square meter. And the shaker screens are made of composite frame. 3S indicates the quantity of desander cones, which means there are 3 desander cones in this mud cleaner. Desander cones are used for remove the particles above 40 microns. While 12N means there are 12 desilter cones with cutting point of 20 microns.

Mud cleaner feeding pumps are also among core products of GN Solids Control.Those mud cleaners are certified by CCS lifting and suitable for offshore platforms.