Waste management systems and equipment are a large section among GN Solids Control’s products. The waste management GN Solids Control’s equipment involved in could be divided into 3 parts: drilling cuttings waste management, drilling fluids waste management and oily sludge treatment. All of them are compulsory requests in drilling jobsites, especially in Africa.

Just recently, 2 of GN Solids Control’s waste management systems are located to a jobsite in Africa and now they started the mission there. They are:

1. Drilling mud dewatering unit. You can see from the name, this system is used for treating the drilling mud by separating the solids from the liquid. After being used for quite a while, the drilling mud contains more and more extra fine particles, which should be removed from the drilling mud before returning the mud back to the drilling system. A dewatering unit is serving such a purpose by adding polymer or other chemical components into the mud. It can even adjust the PH value of the liquid. After the dewatering unit, the mud would be treated by a high speed decanter centrifuge, which is also one of GN’s core product.

2. Solidification unit is used for final treatment of the cuttings. Cuttings are discharged firstly by shale shakers of a solids control system, at that step, the cuttings are still wet and difficult to dispose. There are still lots of active components along with the cuttings which are harmful for the environment. A drilling cuttings solidification unit is used to make the active components inactive by adding cement and enhancer respectively from 2 hoppers. In middle there is a big hopper for receiving the cuttings. There is also a screw mixer which mixes the 3 components well. After that, the wet cuttings become dry and inactive. In some jobsites, they can be directly buried locally or to be made into bricks or for laying roads.

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