In the past few weeks, as the rising of the crude oil price, there was a boom of demands for the oil and gas exploration equipment including the oil and gas solids control systems like the shale shakers and decanter centrifuges. For both the land rigs and offshore projects. Just last week, GN Solids Control has fabricated some dual motional shale shakers for an offshore drilling company.

For the offshore drilling projects, following equipment are quite popular among GN products:

1. Shale shakers: Shale shakers are located at the first place in a drilling rig solids control system to handle the drilling mud back from the well mouth, which contains lots of cuttings brought from the well. Those cuttings shall be removed to the most, and the drilling mud should be returned to the drilling system for next round of drilling. Here the shale shakers are used to remove most of the cuttings based on the cutting particles sizes. It is a kind of physical separation based on suitable mesh size of the shaker screens.

The shale shaker step is always the most important solids control procedure, because the most of drilling cuttings are removed from the shaker chutes. End users always choose the most suitable motional types among the most commonly used 3: linear motional, oval motional and the dual motional, considering the ideal time they would like the cuttings to stay on screens and the direction to which they fall onto screens.

2. Solutions for treating the drilling cuttings: the cuttings discharged from the shale shakers are always too wet and need to be further treated before moved to other places or to be disposed. So most of clients need cuttings treatment solutions including cuttings dryers and decanter centrifuges. GN Solids Control is also quite professional in providing such equipment.

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