This spring is quite a different one we ever experienced. A crazy and cunny virus with a pretty name coronavirus spread all over the world. China, with the largest population, was firstly affected. The normal life seemed to be shut down in a sudden, and all unnecessary economy activity was suspended. An effective isolation method was on and everybody was kept home to avoid affection. A Chinese hero, an old scientist, stood up at the very frontier against the virus and he successfully led China to a safer place.

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But now, unfortunately, many countries in the world are affected, and tens of thousands of human beings are endanger because of the devil coronavirus. Mask was proved to be a quite important way to prevent people from being affected in public places, and there was a shortage of masks, medical alcohol and other items related to fighting against the virus.

Now since China is recovering, as one of the biggest country and second to none manufacturer in the world, China’s producing capacity is back, too, including the factories for masks, for temperature testers, for isolation uniform and etc. And China, also shows its relationship to all human beings by helping others with material and valuable experiences.

As a leading brand in solids control industry, and also a responsible enterprises, GN Solids Control has clients all over the world, in more than 70 countries in the world. Now some are suffering, too, under isolation and limited activities. GN now is helping clients by providing medical masks to show our friendship and support. The coronavirus is the enemy of all human beings, and we are standing together fighting against it. And, sure we will win!