In the past several years, GN has developed many solutions for the waste separation applications and slurry transportations, but still, the solids control occupies the largest share of GN sale room. Each year, GN make tens of mud recycling systems for oil and gas drilling, HDD projects, TBM and CBM and other drillings. Recently, GN just finished the fabrication of a mud recycling system of 1000 GPM capacity.

This is a standard model of GN mud recycling system combined by 3 phase separations: shale shaker, desander, desilter and a mud mixing unit. The desander and desilter are equipped with a underflow shaker with same design as the shale shakers, GNZS703F.

About GNZS703F:

This shaker model is designed by GN Solids Control, and it is one of the best seller models among GN shale shakers. 5 patents designs of shakers are used in this shaker model, including the gear unit for changing the screens, patent rubber sealing technology and etc. GNZS703 is designed of 3 pieces of shaker screens, each dimensioned 700mm by 1250mm, total mesh area 2.63 m2. By using the new composite material frame screens per API RP 13C produced by GN shaker screen factory, the serving time and conductance of the screen are both greatly enhanced to the highest international level.

GN desander and desilter are respectively 10 inch and 4 inch hydrocyclones, made of Polyurenthane, with longer service life than metal made ones. But still, in practice, because of the efficiency of hydrocyclones are not as high as shakers, more and more end users are using fine mesh for shakers to replace the hydrocyclones. And for extra fine particles, they use a middle speed or high speed decanter centrifuge after the shakers.

Welcome to contact GN Solids Control for more information or visit GN factory directly. GN headquarter is near to Beijing Airport, while GN has branch companies in Houston, USA, and Moscow, Russia.