Yes, you are right, you can believe your eyes, this is really a complete set of solids control system for an oil and gas drilling rig, and it is true that this system was transported by air directly from China to Papua New Guinea. The end user of this mud system is one of the giant oil companies in the world, and the manufacturer of this system is from China, GN Solids Control, one of the most well-known international brands for solids control and waste management.

Papua New Guinea has quite rich oil reservations comparing with its limited territorial scale. Meanwhile, the less developed infrastructure in Papua New Guinea is not ready yet for the transportation of such grand equipment. That’s why, to most of the jobsites in Papua New Guinea, the equipment are transported to remote places by planes or even helicopters. It is the second set of solids control system GN has ever provided to this country, which is shipped by air. For this system, client has only 2 concerns:

1. high quality and stable performance of equipment, 2. Short and reliable delivery time. With efforts from both GN team and client’s company, both the aims were successful achieved, the first-class of mud solids control system was on boarded to the first-class cargo airplane, and soon will arrive to jobsite to fulfill its mission.

This solids control system contains following equipment:

2. Two sets of Shale shakers GNZS703F, which is the most popular shaker model among GN Shakers, especially for oil and gas drilling. This shaker has a compact design with small footprint, with 2.63m2 screen area.

This shaker is equipped with high quality screens in accordance with API RP13C.

3. One set of GNZJ703F-2S12N Mud cleaner. It is a combination of desander and desilter.

4. Mud cleaner feeding pumps, 55 KW centrifugal pump. In the complete system all centrifugal pumps are of 55kw power, and all such pumps have spare parts interchangeable with Mission Magnum. 

5. Other essential equipment in a complete solids control system like poor boy degasser, mud agitators and etc.