Xinjiang is located in the most west of China and it has a large land with rich resources including the gold mines, coal mines and oil and gas reserves. Meanwhile, Xinjiang also has an astonishingly beautiful land view and good environment. How to explore the oil and gas resources without damaging the environment becomes a big challenge to the contractors and oil companies.

When there is a well, there must be a drilling rig. By using the drilling fluids, the drill bit is protected and drilling cuttings are taken out of the drilling well. An efficient solids control system is to be used here to separate out the cuttings, and return the valuable drilling fluids back to the drilling circle. GN Solids Control has been working in this field for more than 12 years, and provided the solids control systems, solids control equipment and shaker screen to more than 70 countries in the world. GN Solids Control system includes: GNZS shale shakers for separating out particles larger than 100 microns, GNZJ mud cleaners, desander and desilters, for treating the particles from 40 microns to 70 microns, and GNLW decanter centrifuges with both middle speed model and high speed models for particles of 5-7 microns and 2-5 microns.

Besides the solids control system, GN also has the drilling waste management systems, for both drilling cuttings waste management and drilling fluids separation systems. Those 2 sets of systems for Xinjiang are for drilling cuttings treatment, including:

1. Screw conveyors, for collecting the discharged waste from the shale shakers.

2. GNCD 930 Vertical cuttings dryer, like a drying procedure of a washing machine, for reducing the oil on cuttings to be below 0.5%, for easier transportation of the cuttings.

3. GNLW363 Decanter centrifuge, a high speed decanter centrifuge for separating out the fine particles from 2 to 5 microns from the liquid phase discharged by the vertical cuttings dryer.

4. Two sets of screw pumps are used in this system, one is a 4kw screw pump as a flushing pump for vertical cuttings dryer and the other is a 7.5kw screw pump for feeding the decanter.

As leading manufacturer of solids control and waste management brand, GN Solids Control could provide turn-key solution for the complete mud recycling system. Welcome to contact GN directly for more information.