Last week, a new shipment of a complete set of GN Drilling Cuttings Waste Management system had left GN factory to suburb of Beijing City, to be shipped to Russia. The Russia client is a well-known drilling company who ordered customized system in its own color.


Drilling cuttings waste management system is one of GN core products, which is also an important part of GN Zero discharge system. It is combined by 3 main equipment:

1. one set of GNCD930 Vertical cuttings dryer, which is used to receive cuttings from the drilling rig solids control system, from the shale shakers and desander and desilter cones, and the vertical cuttings dryer could reduce the OOC to less than 5 %.

2. One set of GNLW363G-VFD decanter centrifuge. This VFD controlled high speed decanter centrifuge is used to give further separation for the fluids discharged by the vertical cuttings dryer.

3. And GNSC series screw conveyors are used for collecting drilling cuttings from shakers and transported to the vertical cuttings dryer. 

Because the Russian client is planning to use this system in an extreme cold condition, GN customized a containerized system for their package for insolation. It is a common design for GN Solids Control, which is widely used among Russian clients. And also in some extremely hot countries, clients are using such containers and air conditioning equipped inside container.

Besides the drilling cuttings waste management system, this client also chooses GN as their solids control supplier. They purchased for the same order shale shakers with 4 pieces screens, GNZS594E-HB. GNZS594E-HB is one of the best seller model among GN shale shakers, by using 4 pieces of composite material shaker screens, it has a 2.73 m2 screen area and a treating capacity up to 616GPM. 

In order to serve for different applications, for this same model shale shaker, GN has similar model respectively suitable for oil gas solids control, HDD, TBM, piling and for drilling cuttings treatment for water based mud.