Russia is adjacent with China at the border and Russia, as the second largest oil reserve entity in the world, has become the battlefield for all main solids control manufacturers all over the world. GN Solids Control, is one of the most popular brand, a lot of big companies and trenchless contractors are choosing GN Solids Control as their long term and stable supplier for the mud recycling systems for the oil and gas solids control and trenchless works as HDD, TBM and Pipe Jacking.

Since years ago, GN core equipment had been chosen by many drilling companies and contractors in Russia, just like the recent order, they have following traits:

  1. As always and same as what all other customers did, the Russian customers always choose the most cost-effective equipment or spare parts from GN. For example, in order to increase the efficiency and cut the cost, they prefer to build tank locally and buy only core equipment from GN Solids Control. Cause the big tanks need more money and longer time for transportation, while GN core equipment like decanter centrifuges, shale shakers and mud cleaners.
  2. In equipment model choosing, for a complete solids control system, they would like to use more shale shakers with different API number shaker screens to replace the desander or desilter cones, while they would like to invest some middle speed decanter centrifuge ( like GNLW452 big bowl while middle speed centrifuge for barite recovery) or high speed decanter centrifuge GNLW363 series centrifuges. Cause in practice, the shale shaker and decanter centrifuge are used to separate out the most particles while consume less power.
  3. Cuttings treatment solutions are popular because of the strict environment standards, for both water based mud and oil based mud. In more and more rig site, the operators are using more than one kind of mud for drilling work. For lower depth, they may use water based mud while for deeper space, they have to shift to oil based mud.

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