GN Solids Control, a well-known professional separation solution provider based in China, has been focusing on providing efficient and practical solutions for oily sludge treatment for many years. Till now, such treatment systems have been used in different countries in the world, besides domestic China, in North America, Middle East, Europe and South Asia. Recently, GN Solids Control just finished the fabrication of another set of lab Oily Sludge Treatment unit, to be used in China.

Oily sludge always comes from the crude oil tank bottom cleaning, refinery plants, or drilling waste slurry pit and etc. Oily Sludge is a mixture of solids waste, oil and water. The idea separation should be as clean as possible to separate the 3 from each other: precious oil should be recovered as much as possible, the water should be recycled into the system to help with future separation, while the dirty solids should be safely discharged, to leave the least pollution to our earth.
GN’s oily sludge treatment system contains several sections for different purpose:

oily sludge separation unit

1. Pre-heating unit for assisting the material to have lower viscosity, to help with being interactive with chemicals.

2. Chemical dosing, for dissolving the oil and water with help of chemicals added into the oily sludge.

3. Screen unit for separating out the largest portion of solids phase.

4. Horizontal decanter for separating the extra fine particles from liquid phase.

5. Three phase separation, oil water separator or disc stac for the final treatment of oil, water and solids.

This lab oily sludge treatment unit is the smallest model GN provides. All above mentioned sections are compactly designed onto one single skid for easy transportation. Based on clients’ request, GN has also bigger models available.
For more information, welcome to contact GN Solids Control directly.