GN Solids Control is a well-known brand for separation industry, and GN Solids Control’s product range not only covers equipment for separation, but also involves nearly all auxiliary equipment which are needed in a complete solids control system, including the mud agitators, mud guns and various pumps. Recently, a batch of mud agitators and mud pumps were delivered to an Asian customer.

Mud agitators and mud guns are part and parcel equipment in a solids control system, because in the drilling mud, there are different components and cuttings along with the based water or oil. Such components have larger gravity than liquid and easy to sediment to the tank bottom if there are no mud agitators or mud guns to help with stirring them up.

According to clients’ different preferences and jobsite layout, GN Solids Control provides 2 different types of Mud Agitators, respectively with different motor position, horizontally and vertically, covering all necessary sizes.

After years’ of development and collecting for customers’ feedback, the mud agitators GN now produces are of the 4th generation and 5th generation, which we call the D edition and E edition. Comparing with previous mud agitators, the service life time is prolonged and the running performance is more stable. D generation as in the picture are more popular and economic, while the E generation design need smaller footprint on the mud tanks.

In some conditions, when customer has some special components in their drilling fluid, they prefer the liquid touching parts to be made by stainless steel instead of normal iron. GN accept such customized design, too. In previous years, GN’s mud agitators, besides the ones going along with mud systems, are exported to many different countries in the world, including Asia, Africa, Europe and American countries.