During more than 10 years development, GN Solids Control has become from a solids control manufacturer into a professional separation solution provider. GN Solids Control doesn’t only provide design or proposals, more important, GN Solids Control put those proposals into reality and such proposals are facilitating the contractors in relating industries.
In recent months, a compact designed oily sludge treatment unit which was built by GN Solids Control last year was delivered to an adjacent country and was positioned into jobsite directly. It is used to separate the oily sludge from a slurry pond. If such slurry were discharged directly, it would be quite harmful to the environment, the soil and water, and even the living creatures.
By using GN Oily Sludge Treatment Unit, with model as GNOST-05A, the compact designed unit powerfully divided the sticky and heavy oily waste into three phases, the dried solid particles, which are to be discharged safely, the water phase to be cycled into the system for dilution and flushing, and the oil to be collected as valuable component. Although the complete unit is located on one skid, it has full procedure for separation, including:

1. Pre-heating and pre-mixing unit for reducing the viscosity of material, easier for the shale shaker to separate the most of particles.

2. Shale shaker unit, a mini-shale shaker with 2 pcs of composite material frame screens.

3. Chemical dosing unit, with well-connected pipelines and valves, the chemical can be added into material before or/and after shaker

4. After the shaker, a high speed GNLW224 Decanter centrifuge is used to separate out the particles from 2 to 5 microns. After this step, there are nearly none particles left in the material.

5. Then, finally, a disc stac will separate the material into oil, water and solids.

Here you can find the working video for more information.