Poor boy degassers are also called the mud gas separators. They are used as some safety equipment to be used together with the flare ignition units, the former one is used to separate out the flammable gas from the drilling fluids, and by the gas pipe which is connected the poor boy to the flare ignition, the flammable gas was burnt safely away from the rig site.

In the deep well drillings, the poor boy degasser is a must. Each year, GN Solids Control fabricates and sell tens of poor boy degassers alongside other solids control equipment in a complete system and separately.

This time, GN got orders from a giant drilling company from Egypt. Egypt is located in the north of Africa and has a rich oil reserve and advanced technology in oil and gas services like drilling and mud services, and GN Solids Control has been supplying to most of the main contractors in Egypt, whose projects are all over the North Africa. By the way, in the past year only, GN has sold more than 10 sets of poor boy degasser together with the flare ignition units.

In a complete oil and gas solids control systems, besides the poor boy degassers and the flare ignition units, GN also has following equipment:

1. Shale shaker, single deck GNZS shale shakers of 2 pieces screens, 3 pieces screens and 4 pieces screens and double deck shale shaker GNZS706F.

2. Desander and desilter cones both with and without underflow shaker.

3. Decanter centrifuges, of small bowl, media size bowl and big bowls, with middle speed and high speed.

4. Various pumps including the centrifugal pump, shearing pump, submersible slurry pump.

5. Mud agitators and mud guns.

6. Shaker screens for GN own shale shaker models and other internationally famous models.

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