By end of year 2019, GN Solids Control will celebrate its 12th years’ birthday in solids control industry. In Chinese culture, every 12 year is a cycle and in the coming year and coming 12 years, sure GN Solids Control will access a new level higher than ever.
Look back upon the 12 years’ experiences, some projects were so remarkable, as mile stones. They cannot represent all the projects GN has accomplished, but they are classic:

1. A big order for 32 sets of decanter centrifuges for Algeria. Years ago, when most of drilling companies and oil service companies only focused on European or USA brands decanter centrifuges, some wise players started to pay an eye on Chinese manufacturers. Made in China was a phrase not meaning low quality, instead, if you are quite professional, you can find a pearl. EMEC was the one who trusted China and after investigation on all solids control manufacturers in China, they started cooperation with GN Solids Control by a PO of 32 sets decanter centrifuges to be used in Algeria.

2. Project in Abu Dhabi, with decanter centrifuges. Abu Dhabi has the richest oil reservation in UAE, and before that project in year 2016, never had them tried any solids control and waste management equipment from China. For that project, they used centrifuges half from GN, half from USA. The high performance, good quality and timely service were so satisfactory, leaving aside good price.

3. Oil and gas pipeline projects between Russia and China, with 5 sets of mud recycling systems from GN Solids Control. Just like oil and gas drilling, the oil and gas pipelines also need drilling and such HDD drilling also need mud recycling systems. The largest HDD Contractor in China has been using GN’s mud systems for more than 10 years, and this project was for inter-continental pipelines.

GN is developing while this website will be updated soon.