Last Friday morning, the whole sales team of GN Solids Control gathered in front of the company building and started a 2 days’ journey of a training activity in another beautiful city. The training’s goal was to strengthen the cooperation between team members. I am luckily to be one of those team members and joined the activity.

GN Solids Control has a sales team of 28 members, including the domestic team and the international team. They have successfully promoted GN equipment to more than 70 countries and regions in the world. If to win the market is a battle, no one can fight alone. Just like playing football, only a good team can win out. Team building activities become more and more important.

During the 2 days training, all 28 members were divided into 2 teams at random. Each team will elect a team leader who was a normal staff in office. They will lead the team to accomplish all the challenges, including archery, CS playing, quick chess, block building and etc. We love the archery most. Although it was the first time for most of us to shoot with archery, we learnt fast. And after some time practice, we became good soldiers .We worked together. The good shooters are responsible to shoot the enemies and to aim at the target basket, and the others helped to cover the shooters and pick up the arrows. No one could become a lonely hero, but the most cooperated team would win.

The topic came back to this, what are the important features of a salesman or a sales woman? Each one has his own answer, optimistic, strong mind, determination and team work. We have such features and in future, we will sure become a stronger team and have bigger success!

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