The world has been suffering from the pandemic for more than 1 year, and as the largest populated country in the world, China has almost taken the condition under control. And since early this year, the exhibitions are gradually back. Economic is picking up accordingly. Like in the spring covered April, in the economic center of China, Shanghai has hosted several exhibitions, including the car exhibition and EXPO, the feast of environment protection.

GN Separation is a newly emerged brand for the environment industry, who is a younger brother of GN Solids Control. It brought to the EXPO with its highly recommended sludge treatment units, including

1. Slurry pump for transporting the sludge, for oily sludge, animal waste, high solids content material and etc.

2. Equipment for separation, like the chemical dosing for de-emulsifier and polymer for breaking the oil wrapped solids and flocculating the extra fine particles.

3. Drying shaker for separating out the large particles or obstacles in the sludge, with adjustable G force and various available screen meshes.

4. Decanter centrifuge as an efficient solution for the solids and liquid separation, which is designed with high G force generated by highly rotating speeds.

5. Disc stack for the 3 phase separation, which can remove the small amount of solids particles.

Besides the disc stack separator, GN also have three phase tricanter available. It could replace the disc stack’s role as the final separation. After the treatment, the precious oil could be recovered and water could be reused in future treatment, and solids could be removed easily for discharge. And for the same separation procedure, GN has optional models with different capacities available.

If you need more information, please contact GN SOLIDS CONTROL or GN Separation directly on website.