2022 Offshore Technology Conference, the yearly event in oil and gas industry was successfully held in this October in Houston, all main brands in oil service industry attended this event showing each new technologies and popular products. GN Solids America, as a USA based brand from China, had a stand their and showed following equipment:

1. ViST shale shaker. It is a device designed and matched to GNZS series shale shakers. It is fixed under the shaker screen which is nearest to the discharge chute of shaker. By using a negative force, more drilling fluids would be collected, and in this way, the discharged drilling cuttings are much drier. With help of this ViST device, the efficiency will be increased by 30%-50%.

2. Solids vacuum pump. This pump is called solids pump, because it can transfer material with large solids particle sizes. The only limit to particle size is the pipelines’ diameters. It is called vacuum pump because the force is generated by vacuum, by an air compressor. So those vacuum pumps don’t need electricity and could be used in all Explosive Proof conditions. GN has several pump models with different capacities.

3. Shale shakers. GN has a workshop for shaker screens facilitated by automatic robots for welding and cutting, and GN shaker screens are made fully in compliance with API RP 13C, with high conductance and large non-blocked area.

GN Solids America is located in Houston, TX, USA. And GN has both office and ware house for equipment storage. From GN Solids America, clients from North and South America can get their orders to be delivered in quite a short time.
Besides GN Solids America, GN also has a branch in Russia, in Moscow. And all over the world, GN has partners to support clients from different countries.