During Chinese New Year holiday, one of the biggest oil exhibition was held in India, the Petroltech 2019. As leading brand of solids control and waste management, GN Solids Control attended the oil exhibition with big success.
In this oil show, GN Sales Team put for exhibition several different equipment, including GN’s core products during the past years, the shale shaker and centrifugal pump, and also the new designs GN put into market recently, the solids vacuum pump. And also the highly cost-effective GN shaker screens.

1. GN Shale Shaker: GN has a full range of shale shakers, for example for the oil and gas drilling solids control, GN has 3 nos screen shaker model GNZS703F and 4 nos screen shaker model GNZS594F, respectively with screen area of 2.63m2 and 2.73m2. For some non- oil gas projects or workover rig, or some waste treatment projects with small capacity, there 1s 2 nos screen shaker model available, GNZS752, with 1.35m2 screen area. For better treatment for drilling fluids, end user could choose double deck shaker GNZS706F, with 3 nos smaller screens on top deck while 3 nos bigger ones on lower deck.

2. GNSB centrifugal pumps from 11 kw to 75 kw, GNSB centrifugal pumps are fully replaceable with Mission Magnum pumps even for each small part. Unlike most of manufacturers, GN use alloy ductile iron as material for pump casing and impeller instead of gray iron, in order to increase the service life.

3. GN Solids vacuum pump. Pumps are used for transferring material, and normally, each pump has its own requests for material nature and its own limit. Comparing with other pumps in oil and gas projects, the solids vacuum pumps don’t have high request for liquidation. They could even handle the dry materials like sands and dirt, and its limit for particle size is as large as its pipe diameter.

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