The yearly oil and gas technology conference was held in Houston, USA from end of April until early May. It becomes a routine that GN Solids Control and GN Solids America to attend this conference every year, bringing their new products or newly improved equipment to the international conference that has the biggest affluence on the industry.

This year, as usual, GN has 2 booths, one in center, the other in arena, and GN sales team from China and top management from headquarter attended this exhibition at GN Booth in the center, while GN sales team in USA was busy with the GN Booth at arena area. In this years OTC, GN Solids showed following equipment and products:

1.GNLW Decanter centrifuge of high speed and medium size, GNLW363 of 14 inch bowl diameter is a very popular model in oil gas industry, it is suitable for both solids control and waste management. It is also designed with DNV designed lifting eyes for safe lifting.

2.GN mud cleaner. Same as GN shale shakers, GN mud cleaner uses Oli brand vibrator and stainless steel shaker deck, and GN standard shaker screens are of composite material frame for better performance and larger conductance,

3.GN vacuum pumps, of 40 cbm per hour capacity and 20 cbm per hour capacity. This vacuum pump is GN new product of year, especially the 20 cbm model, GNSP-20A. It is a powerful solids pump for transferring large particles from a long distance. It is ideal for oily sludge, drilling cuttings, animal waste, mud tank cleaning and other industries.

4.GN shaker screens. GN has leading advantages for making shaker screens. The newly built screen factory of GN has a robot producing line of shaker screens, with robot cutting and welding. All GN series screens, for replacement of Derrick, Swaco, NOV models, including the ones for GN own shakers are tested per API RP 13C.

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