As a part of GN Solids Control’s company culture, before each Chinese New Year, GN’s celebration party was held on Feb 11th, 2018, all staff of GN Solids Control, GN’s main partners and suppliers attended this party.


The topic of this year’s celebration was Stay True to the Mission, it is also a slogan raised by the new Chairman of China, who is leading a new generation of China’s development. With the steps of the Belt and the Road, the Chairman Xi Jinping is bringing benefits from China to all over the world, not only China products, but also China Intelligence, and on back of him, there are supports from hundreds of thousand China companies and brands. It’s GN’s honor to be one of them.

Mr Pengxian Zhou, the boss and leader of GN Solids Control, always says: GN is fan of Huawei, the most popular mobile brand in China, and the largest market share with iPhone. GN Solids Control is becoming the HUAWEI in solids control industry as HUAWEI in mobile market after years’ of efforts. In some clients’ eyes, Made in China means low quality. And GN Solids Control is changing the image by showing the good quality and reliable services. In domestic China, GN Solids Control is getting further cooperation with CNPC, SINOPEC and CNOOC, and becoming more and more priorities for rig manufacturers. While in abroad, GN is ranking into TOP solids control manufacturer team and becoming the suppliers for top players in oil industry like Baker Hughes, EMEC, Scomi Oiltools. In Russia and USA, GN Solids Control is now the number 1 solids control brand from China. GN’s products have been exported to more than 70 countries in the world.

GN Solids Control is fulfilling its words, to stay true to mission. And China Intelligence is winning out in world.