Just in the past week, the yearly biggest exhibition, OTC Oil Show  was held in Houston, Texas, USA. All big players in this oil and gas industry have attended the OTC. Manufacturers brought their new technologies and service providers showed there powerful abilities.


GN Solids Control and GN Solids America both attended the OTC Oil Show at 2 different stands. GN Solids Control is the leading brand of solids control manufacturer in China, which is located by Beijing, the capital of China. During years of development and by means of efforts GN put in R&D, GN Solids Control now expanded its product range from the traditional solids control equipment to the wider field of environment protection, including the separation and conveying. Even in solids control industry, GN Solids Control always innovate new applications or make improvement on existing equipment for facilitating the operators. This year, GN brought to OTC Oil Show following new equipment:

1. ViST Vacuum Shaker Device Unit, which is a stainless steel box which generates negative force and helps the shale shaker to be more efficient. It is an additional device GN designed onto GN shale shakers GNZS 703 and GNZS 594. This ViST Device could be connected to a catching pan below the shale shaker’s last piece of screen, which sucks from below screen more liquid to the tank. In this way, the cuttings to be discharged are much dryer. By comparing conditions with and without the ViST device, the ViST helps to save more drilling fluids, by 30%. One ViST device could be connected to 2 or 3 shakers at same time.

2. Vacuum pumps. GNSP series vacuum pump is another new product GN has put into market in recent years. There are 3 different models of such vacuum pump, respectively with 10 cbm/hr, 20 cbm/hr and 40 cbm/hr transfer capacities. It can suck material from 50 meters away and discharge the material to a 1000 meter distance. And the only limit to the particle size is the diameter of hose.

For more information, welcome to contact GN Solids Control or GN Solids America directly.