During the development of the solids control combinations for the oil and gas drilling, some new equipment are being invited into the loop, while some traditional equipment are less used. In order to save energy and reduce the power source consumption, fewer cyclones and fewer pumps are being used. And in order to enhance the treating result, some centrifuges, middle speed and high speed, are being used. While shale shakers are never replaceable, they always play the most important role for handling the separation task.

Divided by the vibration mode, the shale shakers are divided into linear motional shakers, elliptical motional shakers and double ones. In practice, the linear motional shale shakers are more commonly used and easy for operation. Now nearly all of GN’s shakers are linear motional shakers.

Per their screen quantity, there are shakers with 2 pieces of shaker screens, with 3 pieces of shaker screens, and 4 pieces of shaker screens. According to the treating capacity request, the most popular models are the 3 pieces screen model and 4 pieces screen model, GNZS703 has 3 pieces of shaker screens, with a screen area of 2.63 square meters, while GNZS594 has 4 pieces of shaker screens providing a screen area of 2.73 square meters.

Per shaker deck, there are single deck shale shakers and double deck shale shakers. Although most of shakers are single deck ones, with 3 or 4 pieces of shaker screens, the double deck models are becoming more and more popular, like GNZS706 which has 2 decks, the upper deck is regarded as scalping deck, with 3 pieces of shaker screens with coarse mesh. The lower deck is bigger than the upper deck, and it has larger screen area and finer screens. The advantage of the double deck shaker is kinds of to treat the drilling mud twice by different meshes, without more consumption of power. Some customers are using GNLW706 to replace the desander and desilter cones or to enhance the complete system’s capacity without adding more space for treatment.