Vacuum pump is also called solids transfer pump, or slurry transfer pump. Those pumps are quite powerful, because it can suck the material from quite far away and discharge to an even bigger distance, without using any electrical power. By using a procedure of negative and positive air pressure generated by an air compressor, it can be operated well without any other power consumption, and it can be located in Explosive areas, even for Zone 1.

Ever since GN Solids Control had put into market the vacuum pump, those pumps soon became quite popular in many different industry fields, like slurry transferring, animal waste transferring, oily sludge transportation, and even being used to suck out the sand like materials from some containers, or in some environmental protection fields. Their performance has been quite satisfactory.

vacuum pump for Africa

What models of Vacuum Pump does GN Solids Control have?

Totally, GN has 3 different models of vacuum pumps, respectively with 10 cbm/hr, 20 cbm/hr and 40 cbm/hr transferring capacity.

1. GNSP-10B Vacuum pump. It is the smallest model of GN vacuum pump models, it can suck the material from 50 meters far, and discharge to 500 meters away. Allowable largest particle size is 50 mm.

2. GNSP-20B Vacuum pump, which is a bit bigger than the GNSP-10B in dimension, and with doubled capacity. The suction distance and discharge distance are same as GNSP-10B. It has same size hoses as GNSP-10B, so the allowable particle size is same.

3. GNSP-40B, which is purchased by the African client, it is much bigger in both size and capacity than the other 2 models. Allowable largest particle size is 75mm.

All of the 3 models can handle material with solids content up to 80%. Welcome to contact GN directly for more information.