The first show of GN Vacuum Pump was in last year’s CIPPE Beijing, when GN showed a 40 cbm per hour model. While in this year’s CIPPE Beijing, which was held in March, GN Vacuum Pumps gained full attention. In CIPPE 2018, GN brought to exhibition: 1 set of a big vacuum pump (GNSP40A) with capacity of 40 cbm per hour, and 1 set of a small vacuum pump with capacity of 20 cbm per hour (GNSP-20A), and also, a vivid video showed the different applications of this powerfully pump.
After the exhibition, the attentions becomes the orders and practice, a big construction project in Beijng invited several sets of GNSP40A Vacuum pumps for the large martial material transferring. And GNSP40A Vacuum pumps serves a good performance and gained for GN Solids Control more reputation.


Why we call it a powerful pump?
It has a large power to suck in and push out heavy material. It’s could handle a material of large solids content up to 80% and the particle size is only limited by the pipeline diameter, which means, for a GNSP40A, the particle could be as large as 75mm while for a GNSP20A/10A, the allowable particle size is 50mm. As per transferring distance, all of the 3 GNSP Vacuum Pump models could be located up to 50 meters from the material, while transfers to 1000m (GNSP40A) or 500m (GNSP20A/10A) away. In this above mentioned big project in Beijing, those GNSP pumps are used for transfer the construction waste with big and hard particles with a long distance.

Its designed applications include the drilling cuttings transferring, oily sludge transferring, tank bottom waste cleaning, animal waste, industrial waste and etc. While during GN’s factory test, it could handle: 1. the mixture of sand and small stones, which a quite dry with a liquidity of solids, 2. The material with higher viscosity and muddy, a mixture of oil, water and solids.

GN clients and end users also explored more applications for this vacuum pump like the construction waste when rebuilding the roads, the sentimental water in a pipejacking project, or slurry sucking from a slurry pit with a low position, and etc.
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