Just recently, GN Solids Control successfully finished the fabrication of another batch of centrifuges, including 2 sets of GNLW764 big bowl decanter centrifuges. Those centrifuges are purchased by a USA client for the project of construction slurry separation.
USA was the center of separation equipment, like the shale shakers and decanter centrifuges. But as the development of China manufacture industry, more and more manufacturing centers are moved to China. From the digital devices as Iphone to the machinery equipment like the autos, machine tools and the separation equipment, Made in China is becoming Intelligence in China, even the most popular AI’s.

GN Solids Control is not the oldest brand of among Chinese solids control manufacturers, but it has already become one of the leading brands internationally in the separation industry. GN Solids Control’s centrifuges are widely used in drilling rig solids control systems, drilling waste management industries, TBM and piling industries, HDD and pipe jacking, and also tailing slurry separation and construction waste separation, because of the high quality, stable performance, short delivery time and reasonable prices.

GNLW764 is the biggest centrifuge model among GN centrifuge ranks. It has a bowl diameter up to 30 inches, handling a treating capacity of 160 cubic meters per hour. This centrifuge model is widely welcomed in tailing slurry separation, tunnel boring and construction slurry treatment. GNLW764 has the bowl with duplex stainless steel material SS2304 and using SKF Bearings with automatic lubrication unit for bearing. GN Solids Control has already delivered 2 sets of same model to Australia, as is known to all, where the technical standards are even higher than USA and Europe.

Besides GNLW764 Decanter Centrifuge, GN also has some other centrifuge models, like the 22 inch diameter bowl ones (with length diameter ratio of 3 or 4), 18 inch diameter bowl ( with length diameter ratio of 2, 3 or 4), 14 inch diameter bowl and 9 inch ones. For more information, welcome to contact GN directly.