Recently, GN has just finished a Mud Recycling System for an HDD project in UAE. Now this system was delivered to port and will arrive to Middle East soon. Because of its rich experiences and regular stock for main equipment, the manufacturing time was accurately calculated to meet the tight time schedule for the client.

GN Solids Control has been providing mud systems and mud equipment for the No-Dig drilling industry for a long time, ever since it’s establishment. For those projects, GN provides 2 kinds of different solutions, including the self-contained, of higher configuration and economic mud unit, with more compact structure and smaller footprint, to play a simple separation role in some Piling or TBM projects. Divided by treating capacities, the most common treating capacities GN provides are 150GPM, 200GPM, 350GPM, 500GPM and 1000GPM mud systems. This system for UAE is a self-contained mud system of 350GPM treating capacity. It includes 2 separation phases and a mixing function.

  1. It has a shaker and mud cleaner composition, a shale shaker here is the first step separation. By using a submersible slurry pump, the mud is transferred to the shaker of the mud recycling system. After the treatment of shaker, which is the bottom deck of the shaker & mud cleaner, the liquid phase falls into the tank below the shaker, and then pumped to the cyclones of mud cleaner by a centrifugal pump.
  2. Mud mixing unit is equipped to this system also. A jet mixing hopper and a mixing pump is installed on this system for adding chemicals into the clean mud discharged from the cyclones.
  3. Shaker screens: all of shaker screens used for this system are composite material frame screens with longer service life and better conductance. The upper deck screens are same screens as GNZS752E shale shaker while the lower deck are using 3 pcs of GNZS703’s shaker screens.