GN Solids Control is an international brand for solids control and waste management solution provider for more than fifteen years. And in past five years’ time, GN engineer team has expend its equipment applications into new fields such as oily sludge treatment. Just recently, GN Solids Control has provide to a client in Kazakhstan a GNOST-05B oily sludge treatment package.

Oily sludge means the sludge from the refinery plants, the bottom tank sludge and other oily material containing solids components, oil and water, the three components are mixed together and difficult to separate, most of cases, the sludge is of high viscosity.

How does GN treat the oily sludge?

Take the GNOST-05B as example, GNOST equipment has following modules for separation:

1. Preheating and premixing module as a 20ft container. As mentioned, the oily sludge is of high viscosity, that’s why before feeding it into the system, the sludge should be premixed and preheated in order to break the linkage between the solids, oil and water. This 20ft container sized module is make up by the pre mixing and pre heating equipment.

2. Shale shaker module. Shale shaker is located after the preheating and premixing. The shale shaker is used for removing the large solids particles from the sludge. Cause after being mixed and activated by some chemicals at pre-mixing stage, the solids could be more easily to be removed from the sludge.

3. Centrifuge module. Centrifuge here means not only one centrifuge. In fact, at this module, there are 2 centrifuges, one is the decanter centrifuge, which we call a 2 phase centrifuge for removing the particles from 2 to 5 microns from the oil and water mixture. At this point, the oil and water are still mixed together. After that, there is the disc stack which is used to finally separate the extra fine solids particles, water and oil.

Besides this GNOS-05B model, GN has also other models for this purpose, which is bigger or smaller. May you have similar need, welcome to contact GN directly for consultancy.