During the past 10 years, GN Solids Control has developed quite professional sludge treatment solutions for oily sludge in oil and gas industry, as extension of the traditional drilling cuttings solids control and drilling waste management solutions. And GNOST series oily sludge treatment systems now are becoming more and more popular.

Just recently, by end of June, GN Solids Control finished the fabrication of a brand new GNOST-15B Oily Sludge Treatment Package for a client in Beijing.

This package provides several sections for the treating procedure, involving the pre mixing of the sludge, separation by the shale shaker, the two phase separation between the liquid and solid, and three phase separation of oil, water and solids, physically including following equipment:

1. One set of oily sludge treatment shale shaker. Among all the procedures, the shale shaker always takes the largest portion of work by removing most particles or we can say all large particles from the sludge. In case the sludge is quite sticky, before entering the shale shaker, there could be a pre-mixing unit with heating facilities to reduce the viscosity. Here some chemicals for breaking the linkage of solids and liquid could be used, too.

2. One set of big bow decanter centrifuge GNLW-554ET. Decanter centrifuge is also a quite efficient equipment for solids and liquid separation. It can remove particles from 2 to 5 microns. The longer bowl it has, the dryer discharged solids will be. This GNLW554-ET decanter centrifuge has a large bowl diameter up to 22 inch, and a bowl length-diameter ratio of 4, which can remove the particles thoroughly at a large capacity.

3. One set of three phase centrifuge GNSX-554ET. It is also a big bowl centrifuge, which is used as the final treatment of this system. Cause it can remove the remaining extra small particles from the liquid phase discharged by the decanter centrifuge, and meanwhile, it can separate the oil from the water.

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