There are kinds of drillings or underground works which need to go through from one place to another. TBM project is one of the most important one in civil works, especially during construction of cities. For example, for the railway laying or for the subway laying, there are lots of large diameter TBM Machines to be used.

Just like other drillings, as oil and gas drilling or HDD works, or even for the vertical drilling as piling, there are slurries to be treated after the work, or even during the project. GN Solids Control has provided lots of different mud recycling units to such projects.

Recently, based on client’s request, GN Solids Control provided to a client in South America such a slurry separation plant with capacity of 240 cbm per hour.

This TBM Slurry plant is compactly designed with following separation steps:

1. Shale shaker with coarse screens for choosing out the large particles. The shale shaker is the first step for separation because of its efficiency and accuracy based on particle sizes. With suitable mesh screens, it can remove solids larger than 100 microns. Along with shale shaker, GN Solids Control also has shaker screens available.

2. Desander: this TBM 240 slurry plant has desanding cones as the 2nd step separation, this desanding plant was fed by a slurry pump and has a underflow shaker deck for drying.

3. Desilter cones: Desilter cones are the 3rd separation step in this slurry plant. It is equipped by 12 nos of 4 inch desilter cyclones for the 20 micron sized particles. As it is the last separation step in this slurry plant, 20 micron is the cutting point of this unit.

If in your project you need smaller cutting point, GN also has decanter centrifuge available.