In previously, the high speed decanter centrifuge is used mostly by the solids control system for oil and gas drilling rigs, especially the dewatering big bowl centrifuges together with chemical dosing dewatering systems. Normally, the oil and gas drilling works use more expensive drilling fluids, and are bearing more responsibility to the environment protection rules. Nowadays, the border between oil and gas drilling and HDD projects are more dubious, for large HDD projects, decanter centrifuges are also requested.

Recently, GN Solids Control cooperated with SINOPEC in a HDD project, providing a set of dewatering centrifuge and dewatering chemical dosing unit. This project is a trans-continent pipeline project between nations, crossing many provinces in China.

This dewatering unit includes:

1. GNLW553C-VFD decanter centrifuge. It is a big bowl centrifuge designed and manufactured by GN Solids Control. It is quite popular for large volume waste management, HDD dewatering, large TBM projects and etc. The bowl diameter is 55 inch and length diameter ratio is 3. It can reach a RPM at 2900. With the same bowl diameter, GN Solids Control also has a longer centrifuge for clearer separation.

2. GNDW-2000L chemical dosing dewatering unit. When there are extra fine particles in the drilling fluid to be treated out, there is necessary to have a chemical dosing unit. It is used to add polymer or other chemicals into the drilling fluids, in order to break the linkage of oil and cuttings or flocculate the extra fine particles to be big enough for centrifuge separation.

3. A mud tank which is used to hold the liquid discharge from the decanter centrifuge. It is a customized design based on equipment capacity and also client’s jobsite layout.

If you have similar projects or need more information, welcome to contact GN Solids Control directly.