In a solids control system for a drilling rig, there are not a certain or standard combination of equipment. Shale shaker is always a must even for a small work-over rig, after that, there are desander and desilters. Based on the land condition and depths of wells, some are using weighted mud while some are using unweighted mud, that’s why there are desander and desilter with or without underflow shakers. Weighted mud should be treated by desander/desilter with underflow shaker for further drying the cuttings.

Middle Speed Centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge is not a must for a drilling rig solids control system, but are undoubtedly an quite useful one. A middle speed decanter centrifuge is a must for barite recovery. Barite is an expensive element in drilling mud especially for the deep well drilling, which could be reused and should be recollected as much as possible. For this application, GN has a suitable model GNLW452, a centrifuge with 18 inch bowl diameter, with middle speed as 1800RPM and bowl length diameter ratio as 2. It is an economic model and widely used in both domestic China and oversea projects, not only in oil gas drilling solids control, but also for other drilling projects like HDD contracts. The largest HDD contractor in China has been buying from GN for more than 10 years and all their projects are using this GNLW452 model.

Another application in a drilling solids control system which a decanter centrifuge could serve is the bentonite recovery. Bentonite are fine particles which are used for lubricate the drill bit. Some end users are requesting drilling contractors to separate the bentonite out in order to protect their mud pumps. In this case a GNLW363 high speed centrifuge is quite suitable. GNLW363 has a bowl diameter as 14 inch and high speed of 3200RPM. For this model, GN has both the constant speed and VFD controlled for option.

GNLW series centrifuges cover sizes of: 30 inch bowl diameter, like the GNLW764-VFD decanter centrifuge, 22 inch bowl diameter centrifuges, like GNLW553 and GNLW554, with centrifuge bowl length and diameter ratio as 3 and 4, same as GNLW453 and 454, with 18 inch bowl diameter.

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