No matter in the solids control system, or a HDD mud recycling system or the TBM or pipe jacking works, a shale shaker, or a screen device is always used as the first step for separation and carries the biggest load for work. Normally, based on the physically separating, all particles larger than 100 microns could be separated out by the shale shaker.

gn vist shakers

1. A suitable G force should be taken into consideration for the shale shaker. Among GN Solids Control’s shale shaker models, there are mini shaker with a G force of 7.0G, which is mostly used for the small capacity of non oil and gas industries, or some oily sludge separation units with a small capacity. Normally, the G force is up to 7.5G, and GN shale shakers are using Oli vibrator, an Italian brand, with adjustable G force. For the drilling cuttings separation, a High-G shale shaker is requested, in this case, the G force should be at least 8.0G.

2. Adjustable shaker deck angle helps to increase the shakers’ performance. Based on the material condition or the treating result, an adjustable shaker deck angle is favored by the operators. In GN’s design, the shaker deck could be adjusted during working and the other side of shaker could be adjusted alongside one side.

3. Shaker deck design and quality are quite important for a shaker, which include the suitable material to be used and qualified welding to be applied. GNZS series shakers uses stainless steel as shaker deck material, and all welding are done by certified welders and strictly inspected by the QC department.

4. Shaker screens could determine the shaker performance. A suitable frame screen should be composite material frame one, with accurate API number and high conductance. GN has a separate workshop for shaker screens, with automatic screen producing line. Besides GN own brand shakers, GN also produce screens for other internationally popular shakers.