In an oil and gas solids control system, there are several equipment that are continuously running, including the mud agitator. Without the mud agitators, lots of components especially the solids particles will fall onto the tank bottom along with the drilling cuttings. It will greatly affect the drilling performance.

GN Solids Control has been providing high performance drilling mud agitators for years together with the drilling solids control systems or separately. GNJBQ series mud agitators are widely used in both land rigs and offshores. This particular project is for an offshore rig’s tanks, and those mud agitators are per ATEX Explosive Proof standard.

Components of mud agitators:

Mud agitators are combinations with several parts: an electric motor, a gearbox, a shaft and impeller or impellers. The power is determined by the electric motor, which is chosen per the tank size and the mud weight. Gearbox’ ratio will lead to a certain rotating speed of the mud agitator. The agitator’s shaft length is chosen per tank inner depth, and if the tank is too deep and shaft has to be made too long, there will be a stabilizer on bottom of tank to keep the shaft end on correct position. The agitator impellers’ size and qty is also determined by the tank size, too.

GN has mainly two types of mud agitators available, and for this project, the mud agitators has flowing features:
1. Helical Bevel Gearbox. Comparing with common gearboxes, the helical bevel gearbox is more powerful, for example, when dealing with heavier mud, a helical bevel gearbox can help you to save more energy by using a smaller electric motor.
2. Connected by couplings. The coupling connection is more stable in performance and enables the mud agitator to serve for a longer service life.
If you need such mud agitators, welcome to contact GN directly.