Among all the industries which request for the separation equipment or system, the oil and gas drilling solids control projects have higher standards than other separation projects, because in oil and gas drilling industry, the condition contains explosive air. And among all the oil and gas drilling projects, there are land rigs and offshores.

Comparing with land rigs, the offshore drilling projects have even stricter standards, which mainly contain following points: more strict explosive proof standards, more compact layout and higher requests for lifting.

Weeks ago, GN Solids Control was assigned with a PO of mud cleaner for an offshore project, and this order is ready for delivery recently, as picture below. It is not the first time for GN Solids Control to provide equipment to offshore platforms, and previously, GN has provided to clients from different countries the decanter centrifuges, vertical cuttings dryers, shale shakers and shaker screens.

Those mud cleaners for offshore have following specifications:

1. The model of those 2 mud cleaners are based on GNZJ703F-3S16N, which has a bottom shaker of GNLW703 Shale shaker. This shaker model has 3 pcs of shaker screens with total screen are up to 2.6m2.

2. There are 3 nos of desanding cones and 16 nos of desilter cones, each fed by a 75kw centrifugal pump. The hydrocyclones are made of polyurethane and covered by steel plate to increase the service life.

3. Vibrating motors are from an Italian brand and the vibrating G force can reach to 7.5G.

4. Specially designed wedging system is used for this mud cleaner for quick changing of shaker screens.

5. Patent rubber sealing type helps to prevent the leaking of shaker during operation.

6. And in order to achieve the goals for offshore lifting standards and compact design, GN engineer add a lifting frame into the shaker and lifting pads are designed per DNV standards.

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