Drilling works always bring out lots of drilling waste, especially the solids waste. Such waste is muddy and containing a high percentage of oil content, if they are not well treated before disposal, they will bring harm to the environment. But it is difficult to transport the drilling waste to outside the drilling sites as a whole, because of the muddy condition. and also, there is a lot of valuable drilling mud along with the cuttings, which will be a waste if disposed together.

And an efficient waste management equipment package could help to solve above mentioned problems. This kind of equipment is mandatory in most countries for the drilling sites. GN Solids Control has rich experiences in designing such equipment and solutions. Just recently, GN Solids Control has delivered to an international drilling service company a complete package of waste management equipment, including the treating equipment and the transferring pumps.

1. Solids Pump: this pump is also called vacuum pump, because it is generated by air only, no need for electricity, That’s why they are Ok with explosive proof standards. The compact and movable design enable the pump to be used for many conditions including the offshore projects.

2. High G drying shaker. Such shakers have larger G force than the normal shale shakers which are used for solids control. The G force is up to 8.5G and they are mostly used for treating the WBM cuttings from the solids control system.

3. Vertical cuttings dryer. This is designed for OBM drilling cuttings treatment and it can reduce the OOC (oil on cutting) to below 0.5%.

And in all, all this project’s equipment are made with a lifting frame, which for one thing protect the equipment from being damaged, for the other, more important, to facilitate the lifting of the equipment. All equipment are in individual packages for easy transportation and flexible layout.