Diamond drilling is a kind of highly efficient and more economic drilling type for some underground drilling which are not so deep from the surface. The diamond drilling is widely used for exploration and rock projects. The diamond drilling bid is hard and durable, and same as other drillings, the drilling slurry shall be treated after being brought up by the drilling bid.

As all drillings, the drilling mud plays an important role during drilling, and suitable mud components ensures the stable drilling procedure. The decanter centrifuge is one of an important solutions for the diamond drilling works. And because of the characters of diamond drilling that the drilling work is flexible in location and quick in procedure, a smaller but efficient decanter centrifuge is always preferred by the end user. GNLW-223D decanter centrifuge is a quite popular model among clients in this diamond drilling industry. Each year, GN Solids Control sells more than 50 sets of this centrifuge model to many different countries in the word, mostly to North America and European countries.

Specifications of GNLW223 decanter centrifuge.

1. The bowl diameter of GNLW223 is only 9 inch, and it is also called a mini centrifuge.

2. Bowl length-diameter ratio is 3, which is a suitable value for diamond drilling industry.

3. The max rotating speed of it is 4500RPM, and with such a high speed, it can efficiently remove the particles from 2 to 5 microns.

4. For the exactly same centrifuge model, there are both VFD control panel and fixed speed model available. Per some clients’ feedback, it is also excellent when being matched to a hydraulic drive.

Besides, GNLW-223 Decanter centrifuge, GN has also another model of mini centrifuge, which is only a bit longer than the GNLW223, while with the same bowl diameter. And there are larger decanter centrifuges available, of 14 inch, 18 inch, 22 inch and even larger as 30 inch.

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