In the recent months, like in China, the price for petro has been increased for four times, such is incurred by the rebounding of the crude oil price. And this also becomes the catalyst for the speeding up of the oil related industries like the solids control equipment manufacturing, the oil service industry and the environment protection industries. After suffering from the slowdown for almost four years, and those oil related players are welcoming the coming spring of the economy.

In the past 4 years, some companies are dying from the market, while some have survived and even become stronger. It seems the ones with less technology are losing their positions, while on opposite, the ones who emphasis on the R&D and brought to market the new technology still have the advantages to win out. Tough time is always the litmus test.

During the past several years, although suffering from the shrinking of traditional solids control as others, GN Solids Control, as the leading brands in China and one of the best in the world, are becoming more and more active in the separation industry by means of inviting into market their new solutions with new technologies, including:

1. Vacuum pumps of transferring capacity of 10 cbm/hr, 20 cbm/hr and 40 cbm/hr. It is also called the solids pump, because it can transfer the media with quite high solids content up to 80%, or, like the big model with big diameter, it can even handle small rocks with only limit as the hose diameter.

2. ViST shaker screen device, which gives a force from the under shaker screen and helps to reduce the liquid from the cuttings, which saves the cost for transporting the discharges and save more drilling fluids.

3. A complete system for oily sludge separation for the crude oil tank cleaning, the refinery and the drilling cuttings treatment, for separating the solids, water and oil. In this case, it would be easier to discharge the solids, and less expensive to treat the waste water, while recover more of the valuable oil.

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