Canada is a beautiful and clean country, not only because of its comparably small population, but also because of its strict rules and the attitude to control the wastes from different industries. For drilling waste management, there are also strict regulations to push the contractors to be responsible. And then, how to choose a suitable solution to do this job becomes quite important for the contractors. GN Solids America has become a well acknowledged brand during the years.

Just days ago, there is a complete set of waste management system ready for delivery, including following equipment for physical separation:

1. GNZS594 Shale Shaker. In order to treat the drilling waste, the most efficient way is to separate out the solids discharges step by step per leveled solids particle sizes. For example, the largest particles should be separated by shale shakers. GNZS594 shale shaker has high quality shaker screens, and 4 pcs of shaker screens form a screen area of 2.73 square meter. It is easy to change screens by tightening or loosening the wedging blocks. The shaker deck is made of stainless steel for strong structure.

2. GNZS594-2S12N mud cleaner. A mud cleaner can be regarded as 2 steps for separation, the 10 inch diameter cyclones are used for treating out particles larger than 40 microns and the 4 inch diameter cyclones are used for treating out particles larger than 20 microns. They are positioned on same shaker deck and sharing one drying screen.

3. Decanter centrifuge. It is a 4th separation step which is used for fine particle removal, with suitable particle size ranging from 2 to 5 microns. Because it need a certain height to discharge the liquid (liquid would flow from centrifuge by gravity). This GNLW363 decanter centrifuge is the most popular model among GN centrifuges especially for waste management.

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